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We had a visit from our revision department. They ask for the history of monitorrules overrides actions. Is there aSCOMtableor logs, where all the overrides actionsarejournalized ?. DB:2. 85:History Of Overrides From Monitors And Rules Mayne event viagra for sale Scom Database.

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Think about that. In 2011, Walker pushed through a law, Act 10, that slashed the power of public employee unions to bargain, and cut pay for most public sector workers. As a special slap to teachers, Walker exempted the unions of police, firefighters and state troopers from the changes in collective bargaining rights but not educators. Teachers protested for a long time, closing schools for days, but the law passed, and the impact on teachers unions in Wisconsin has been dramatic: according to this piece by my Post colleague Robert Samuels. The state branch of the National Education Association, once 100,000 strong, has seen its membership drop by a third, and the American Federation of Teachers, which organized in the college system, has seen a 50 percent decline. This week may bring down a central tenet of the ACA which has brought private health insurance to millions of people.

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